About this blog

I love gardens – but, maybe not in the expected way. Of course I appreciate horticultural excellence and great design but what I really enjoy is searching for the story in a garden and, believe me, every garden has one, from the grandest to the most modest. I want to poke around in them and get to know who made them and why; what was going on in the wider world at the time and what were people’s hopes and dreams in that era.  And then I want to tell people about them so we can swop ideas. So that’s it – I hope you enjoy my blog.

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About Angelica

Angelica Gray combines her love of history and her training in art, garden history and garden design to study the social, cultural and inter-personal implications for people and society of gardens and the designed landscape. She has personal experience of researching and creating gardens across three countries, Britain, France and Morocco – and has written the first definitive book on the Gardens of Marrakesh (Frances Lincoln). She is now based in London where she designs gardens, sometimes in collaboration with award-winning garden designer Lynne Marcus, and writes about gardens and the people who make them.  She is also interested in good conversation, laughing at life and convivial meals.